Time to Just Git ‘er Done!

Friday, Oct 24, 2014

Last December, about 10 days before Christmas, I decided I would make some cosy pyjamas for the three oldest grand kids for Christmas. I don’t think I made this decision in a rational moment. It was probably made when I popped into the fabric store to pick up a piece of ribbon and wandered past the aisle of cute, flannel prints for children. Suddenly those fabrics called out to me and before I knew it, I had selected a pattern and three lengths of flannel print.

When I got home, the reality of getting those pyjamas made in time for Christmas sunk in. Those pyjamas weren't going to come together all by themselves of course, but the 10 days leading up to Christmas are usually quite full for us. Between Christmas shopping, baking and cooking, parties with family and friends, extra church services and Christmas programs to attend, there wasn't a whole lot of time available to sew.

I did my best but alas, only two of the three pairs were ready by Christmas. Caleb and William were the happy recipients of new pyjamas but lovely Breanne opened up a gift of a bundle of flannel print. I promised I would make those into cosy pyjamas for her. She seemed okay with it.

I have a long list of excuses why I didn't get around to sewing them up right away after Christmas. Then at some point it was spring and no longer the season for wearing flannel so the fabric was set aside into a cupboard. And then I promptly forgot about it … until last week. What is this in the cupboard? Oh no! Breanne’s fabric! I have failed as a grandmother! I didn't keep my promise. She thinks I love her less than the others. I then sternly told myself, “Bernice, you quit procrastinating and sew up those pyjamas right now!”

So I finally made them and it was (mostly) fun. The only tricky spot was the part of the instructions that took two seconds to read which then translated into a half hour of fussing and pinning and much muttering under the breath.

Well, they’re done. They’re cute and cosy and hopefully they’ll fit Breanne. Even the ‘tapering ends of piping to nothing’ on the collar looks not too bad.

What have I learned from this? Stay out of fabric stores the two weeks leading up to Christmas! But you know, they usually have some really good sales going on then too…

For those that are interested, these were made using McCall's sewing pattern M6458.

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