Little People

Our little Wesley Clarence is six weeks old. He is perfect and beautiful and—I don't want to jinx it—he has been sleeping seven-hour stretches for the last week! My heart and hands are full, and I can't imagine how Christine is feeling with newborn TWINS. (Maybe she will post photos soon, too.)

It's funny how you can look back on earlier days with a certain wishfulness, when dates were spontaneous, an errand took five minutes and you could just "meet up" at Starbucks. Life certainly looks different now. This morning, Caleb asked, "Why haven't you drinked your tea yet?" as I buttered him a second bagel while nursing Wesley on the other arm. Ha, ha.

In personality quizzes, I always land squarely between extrovert and introvert. I need people—until I'm exhausted! and then I need quiet—until I'm bored! and the cycle continues. These days, though, I'm around people a lot. Little people. Little people who ask "mom? mom? mom? mommy? mom?" all. day. long. They tell me rules to their made-up games, which are quite hilarious, and they squabble, and they sing, and they sprinkle long pauses through every sentence, and all of this requires unbreaking eye contact and Mmhmm-ing or it starts all over again.

I love the days with my little people. It's a hunkering-down that will be over all too soon, I'm told. Sometimes I feel guilty that I haven't initiated a playdate lately. I'm more likely to choose peace and quiet! (Mom, does this sound familiar?)

I see it reflected in similar girlfriends' eyes when we say "let's get together soon" while half-hoping that we can delay for awhile. I get it. We may not hang out often, but we still love each other. I know you're there when I need you, just like I'm here when you need me. For now, we'll catch snippets of conversation after church while our husbands corral kids and coats, and we'll follow each other online (I'm mostly here), and we'll air-high-five each other from across the parking lot. You're doing great, Mom. It's not enough for forever, but it's enough for now.

In the meantime, I'll be here with my little people, hopefully posting regularly since we've eased back into a routine. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and support in recent weeks!