Following Leads

I said in my last post that we are homeschooling. I think I spoke too soon. We are not really "schooling" at all, I am realizing. 

We are reading on the couch, we are illustrating our own stories, and we are playing Store with tens and hundreds.

We are comparing jellyfish tentacles to spaghetti. 

I do not remember if today's clouds are cumulous or altostratus, and I'm not even sure if I took grade ten algebra. I am, however, learning to listen.

Could we make jellyfish out of spaghetti? How do jellyfish move? Why does spaghetti stick without any glue? If we can't find this on Pinterest, does it mean that this is a BRAND NEW idea that nobody has ever thought of before? (Doubtful, but appealing.)

I never knew that parenting would be so fun. I love the tiny stage, of course, but playing with tractors is not my thing. Also not my thing: making crafts for the sake of making crafts. But following a lead and seeing where it takes us? This is SO GREAT.

Yesterday alone:
- we watched Chris Hadfield squirt water in space, and downloaded an iPad model of the solar system
- "why don't people in Australia fall off the bottom of the earth?"
- Caleb danced around the room after reading: "The train makes fast trips. A dog will try to keep up with the train. Can he do it?"
- he invented a new Meccano buggy and broke a piece from wrenching too hard
- Sound of Music soundtrack
- the boys and I played three games of Uno, and I lost them all
- "how many ways can you make 9 with two blocks? Make 12, with three blocks?" "Do a tricky one now, Mom?"
- lego. lego. lego.
- okay, yes, there were at least two knock-down fights and tears because "his toe is on my leg!"
- Also: "I want him to jump off the coffee taaaaable (sniff sniff), but he wooooonnnnn't."
- handmade tickets and a countdown script were given to Dennis, Wesley and I to watch aforesaid jumping-off-coffee-table game

Is this homeschooling? Or is this the wonder of being a parent? Is this just enjoying life together, following leads and exploring whatever path may be in front of us? If this is school, I think I am the one learning most of all.