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Monday, Sep 15, 2014

I love reading.

Books, of course, fiction and nonfiction; blogs, magazines, junk mail, Terms & Conditions, cereal boxes; if it has words, I'll read them.

This conversation happens frequently in our house:

Josh: Want to head to bed? It's getting late.

Me: I can't go to bed yet! I haven't finished reading the internet!

My favourite books tend towards the literary classics, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for some easy reading, with lots of pictures.

Like home organization websites. For some reason, I enjoy reading housekeeping tips, like Martha's tips for cleaning the fireplace— I don't even have a fireplace! 

Reading about housework feels satisfying, but for me it's usually just a form of procrastination. I don't need to steam and fold my linens, I just need to wash the supper dishes. I don't need to create a home organization binder; I need to answer those two emails.

Why does Pinterest have so many cleaning and organizing pins? Without the wisdom of the internet, would my home really collapse into chaos and filth? I am thankful for some of the tips I've found, to be sure, but Pinterest can easily just be another distraction.

Today, I don't need to read any more tips or tutorials. I don't need to make more lists or schedules. I just need to get stuff done.

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