[Happy] Halloween

Friday, Oct 31, 2014

Dare I wade into the Halloween debate? Quite a few people have asked Caleb what he’s wearing, which prompted me to think a little deeper about what we’re choosing to do tonight.

What’s a Christian to do? The options are:

1) Trick or treat like everyone else, and not worry too much about creepy stuff

2) Pretend the holiday doesn’t exist (no porch lights, no pumpkins, no candy)

3) Have a church party with all the other non-halloween-ers

4) Stay home and pass out candy

Are they all wrong? Or are they all right? Everyone has a different answer. I’ve seen some people vehemently insist that all Halloween celebration invites evil spirits, right along with Disney witches and sorcery. Others say that we should join in the fun so we can be “lights in the darkness.” Depending on the motive, church parties can either be an excuse to hide from the world or a decision to celebrate what's good. One lady said that her adult children still resent her because they were never allowed to even eat candy on that day, but “it’s worth the resentment to keep your home spiritually clean.”

Hmm. I wonder if she preached law and forgot love. Is bitterness better than ghoulishness? What exactly does "spiritually clean" mean, anyways?

Still, I personally believe in focusing on “whatever is pure, noble, lovely,” etc. We don’t want our kids to have nightmares tomorrow, so we’ve decided to keep them off the sidewalks. But I also believe that our home (and our salvation!) is well protected from any evil spirits who may come knocking. 

What are we doing? We’ll be staying home, lighting the house from top to bottom, passing out candy AND eating plenty of it ourselves—not because we think the other options are wrong, but because it’s what we’re choosing to do: be neighbourly, comment on everyone’s costumes, and (hopefully) teach our boys that God is bigger, Grace is bigger, candy is yummy and we can stand on our own two feet.

Whether you stay, go, or party elsewhere tonight, do it with your whole heart—the key is to tell your kids WHY. Let’s inject a little less law and a little more grace into our communities, and our children will never forget it.

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