ten words a day, june 2016

june 8
these are my reset days, each one a fresh miracle

june 9
who gets to say who you are, what you’re worth?

june 10
for a selfless, God-honouring dad, I am so grateful

june 11
the city’s full of strangers, till you talk to them

june 12
there is one who promises a freedom not found here

june 13
don’t let me lose you in this city of lights

june 14
but once in a while, life is like the movies

june 15
I cannot bear goodbyes without promises to see you soon

june 16
her sundays were wrinkled nylon ankles in low-heeled pumps

june 17
the restaurant emptied around us while our stories carried on

june 18
generosity is the size of the heart not the gift

june 19
how good it feels, when you learn to say no

june 20
if not talking to my family I’m bragging about them

june 21
I doubt anyone has a neater inbox than I do

june 22
took just eleven months to learn to do my dishes

june 23
I’m struck by this; who knew You were so good?

june 24
in one month I will be getting off that plane

june 25
it is death that stops. life… it will go on

june 26
we don’t decide truth. truth’s power is in its unalterability

june 27
I had never expected this new family I found here

june 28
library: appropriately quiet as millions of words vie for attention

june 29
people. incredible, aren’t they? — wildly diverse, incomprehensible — yet incredible nonetheless

june 30
there is much to love about the body you have

july 1
“soon you’ll be among us again.” smiling at my phone

july 2
the highlight of it all was time spent with you

july 3
we can’t afford being merely adequate at our crafts anymore

july 4
be done getting “ready,” brave child. act now. change everything