A Makeover

Summer has come and gone and fall has definitely arrived.   In our part of Canada, fall is an absolutely beautiful time of year.  The fiery colours of the trees are intense and their contrast against the vivid blue sky demands that we be outdoors to enjoy this short season.  The only downside of fall is knowing that winter is lurking right around the corner.   It’s soon time to get our bulky coats, boots and mittens out of storage. 

Even though summer seemed to fly by, we were able to enjoy lots of vacation time with family and friends.  In between our times of relaxation, I was pleased to be able to accomplish some home decorating projects.  I’m not a professional decorator and can hardly even call myself an amateur.   A novice pretty much sums up my decorating talent.  In the past, having a vision for a particular room in my head and translating that into actual colours, fabrics, and furniture have usually ended up in two quite different scenarios!

Here’s an example.  I like some colour so I had envisioned a warm, inviting family room with nice soft, golden yellow walls.  I spent time at the paint store looking at paint colours, picked what I thought was the perfect one and bought a couple of gallons of paint.  I put it on the walls and when I was done it looked like this.

Not exactly the soft, golden colour I had pictured in my head!

We’ve lived with this pumpkin colour on the walls for maybe six years.  It wasn’t absolutely, downright horrible that it had to immediately be repainted.  Actually, at Thanksgiving and Christmas the room looked not too bad when decorated with seasonal décor.   Summertime was a different story.  The fiery colour on the walls made you hot just by looking at them.

Trial and error is a method that’s too expensive when it comes to painting and decorating a room so I’m thankful for Pinterest.   It has been a great tool for me to study lots of examples of rooms I love and rooms I don’t love so much, giving me a much clearer idea of what I’d like a room to look like before I even start.  Based on photos that I’ve pinned, I’ve discovered that I don’t love colour quite as much as I thought I did.  Small pops of colour do the trick for me now rather than whole walls shouting colour at me.  Getting professional help (thanks, Janette!) in selecting a new colour for the walls also has also been a good idea.

Do you want to see what this room looks like today? Drum roll, please...

It’s not completely finished.  I would like a new tables someday and I don’t love some of the pillows that came with the couch.  Someday I’ll make new covers for them, perhaps in burgundy and steel blue, drawing from the colours on the prints to the right of the fireplace.

My brother, John, a professional cabinet maker, built the new fireplace surround.  I wanted the fireplace to be more substantial and the focal point of the room.   I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks, John!

In blog land, the common advice when decorating a room is to first shop your house.  I’m completely over country décor so there was almost nothing in my house I loved enough to want to display in this room unless it was recently purchased for other areas of the house.  Pulling décor from one room to put into another wasn’t going to help me—it was just going to leave an empty spot where I took it from.  So, I’m taking my time buying objects that I love and enjoying the process.

At the end of the day, the furnishings, décor, and even the paint colour of a room aren’t critical to life and happiness.  What a room can do though is help facilitate hospitality, comfort, and enjoyment of the company of family and friends and that's a good thing.